Design as a form of communication.

I used to think that design is all about creative, attractive and fashion work. I believe there are still a lot of people think that a designer must be different, creative and good at art or painting. This is actually true, a designer should get inspired from life and sometimes indeed need to provide special ideas. However, for me, from a communication perspective, a good designer should be always know who are their audiences and how to communicate with them by design whether they are good at painting or not.

People go out to eat, get menus, order food according to the pictures, check their watch while waiting appetizer, look at ads while enjoying the food, pay the bills and take receipts before leaving. Few of us noticed that all the menus, ads, bills, receipts and watches are included as visual communication design.

Then you may ask, what is visual communication design exactly? Any definitions?

I don’t like definitions but like the conclusion that made by myself according to what I have leaned and what I have experienced.

From my point of view, in brief, any design that can be used to deliver ideas and communicate with audiences, is counted as a form of visual communication.

Is it necessary? Is it important? Why does it become to be a topic?

I have to admit that the more I learn about visual communication design, the more I believe that it is necessary for today’s society. In such a society with advanced information network, companies and brands need to identify their brand images to see how to earn attention and optimal impression from their audiences effectively. Publishers and editors have to decide the style of typesetting, the layout and the size of publications so that consumers can enjoy the reading experience and are willing to support the publishers in the future. Animators and photographers have to consider how to use the pictures, graphics and music to evoke audiences’ emotion in order to gain credits and popularity. And undoubtedly, people who work for areas of advertising and public relations must think about how to use the principles of strategic design to let consumers like to make purchases after promotion or changed their perceptions after persuasion.

So the visual communication design is almost everywhere around our life. Some people are exploring about how to use it efficiently and some people are influenced by it gradually.

Let’s observe the use of visual communication design around us carefully and think how can we use it successfully. And I would like to discuss about it in the next post.

Don’t forget, design is about how it works.


Friday, Eugene

Check it out!

Click and enjoy these fabulous informative designs and think what messages have they provided.

Taken by Yunshu. 8/29/2014, California State Route 1

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