What are brought out by Emojis?

My mom just warned me by text that she thought I should start to care about my weight because I have gained six pounds already this autumn. Don’s you think this is a sad message for me? And then I just replied her an emoji to show my broken heart. It is undeniable to say that the emoji of broken heart fits me well when I am heart broken and have nothing to say.

In the recent post Infographic: Emojis Are Becoming a Preferred Communication Tool Across Demographics, Carrie Cummings used data and infographic to demonstrate emoji as a communication tool. What role are Emojis playing in our life? How do they become a communication tool? There are two important messages transferred by Carrie’s post. One is that almost everyone uses emojis. The other one is that brands can do advertising successfully by them.

For me, these are the two most interesting and important reasons that why emojis are becoming a preferred communication tool with a strong power of influence.

Under the power of its influence, companies start to use emojis to build and update their company images. Take Apple to be an example, the updated IOS systems offered radicalized emojis to the users in order to advocate racial inclusivity. Although this innovation caused a lot of debates about racial segregation and brought more problems to the company, Apple still successfully gained the attention from the public and motivated more curious users to update their system to see what was going on there. Besides, it also effectively build its image as a company that care about race. This is the information that Apple want to bring out to gain attention and they chose emoji as the communication bridge.

At the same time, as I mentioned before, emoji also provide business, organizations and brands a platform to do their advertising. I can still remember the first time when I tried emojis, I was surprised by the logos of brands such as the f of Facebook, the bird of Twitter, the Polaroid of Instagram and the fried chips of McDonald’s and so on. I have to say that I like these emojis of logos and these kind of ads are clever and efficient for me.

Perhaps those information and functions of emojis will keep bring benefits to the companies and emojis will also keep becoming more and more popular as a communication tool. Not only because they are colorful, fun and convenient but also they are helpfully ambiguous, efficiently informational and easy to draw public attention.

Draw by Yunshu. 10, 8, 2015.
Draw by Yunshu. 10, 8, 2015.

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