Fact sheet, fact sheet and fact sheet.

I am taking the J452 of the school of journalism in the University of Oregon this term for advanced writing. One of the tasks is about investor fact sheet. I chose the computer sciences corporation to be my hypothetical client. So, this is what I have done:


What I have leaned about fact sheet is that we usually use a clear list to show the facts. Be clean and be clear. However, this kind of fact sheet can be a different communicational way to list the significant facts of your clients. It is a little bit similar with Infographic to tell a visual story. But they are different because you still need a formal way to introduce the fact. The blog Investorfactsheetblog introduces how to use Infographic to do the investor fact sheet. It perhaps will give you some ideas about your work but don’t forget that it is still a fact sheet for a company.  I cannot say which kind is better but it is undeniable to say that the combination of words and charts, the choices of color and the way of showing story sometimes are better than only plain words. Let me talk more about what I have leaned from this assignment. The most important thing you should remember in mind for the fact sheet is the story. The story of your client.

The story will provide the company’s history. The story will prove why the investors should choose you. The story will show what you have done already. The story will earn your investors’ attention. And the story will win their confidence. That is why a smooth story if important.

In order to offer a good story. The fact sheet would better include these elements.

A significant heading about the foundation and history of your client. It better includes the basic information such as the number of employees, the introduction of executive officers and other background.

Your company’s financial highlights, such as the trend of stock price and the data of their cash flow performance.

The portfolio of your clients’ current and past products. And their plan for their new products.

And don’t forget the contact information and the future outlook.

This is much harder than a list of fact sheet. You need to let yourself be a strategic thinker, an excellent writer and a professional designer. You should let the portfolio and the data of finance talk. I am still learning and still working hard to be trained. This is not easy, so you should try.



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