Tips for InDesign that I hope I had known when I was a beginner (Part 2)

Shortcut always save time. Effective using shortcut also can be counted as an professional skill. I strongly recommend InDesign cheat sheet to help you know more about shortcut for InDesign. Lear by doing, try to remember and use those shortcut when you need to use tools. I am sure that you will be a master very soon by doing this.

Alright, let me introduce you some other things that you should know by offering shortcut that I found from my own experience.


We usually need to insert images into the document of InDesign. After you placing the pictures into the paper, you have to drag the picture many times to fit the frame. It will be a really annoying process if you do not know the shortcut. The use of shortcut for fitting an image to farm is handy and effective.

To make the frame fit the content proportionally, use:


That will help you to let the frame adapt the picture the way you want instead of dragging and dragging.

To fill the farm proportionally by the image, use:


Here is a little bit tricky. When the frame and the image have different ratios, the image will be resized and the white space or edges will be changed.

To center the image in the frame, use:


Usually we want the content to stay the same size but change the frame instead. Then we always choose to fit the frame to the content by using


This is my favorite and most used short cut by the way.


Text frames work in a similar way with the image frame. After creating a shape or we called a frame for text, we usually type directly in the frame and then edit the characters. But sometimes we also need to import content from other document into the text frames. Typically a text frames is a rectangle but it also can be a circle or custom shape because you can draw if by pen tool. When the frame is not a typical rectangle, the text will be little bit difficult to edit within the custom frame. In this situation, we can use shortcut to make sure that all the text whatever you type it or import it fit the frame very well instead of editing by space or return. For importing text, use:

“Command+D” for Mac, and you can also go to the File button  and then choose place.

So, these tips are all concluded from my own experience. But also as I mentioned before, learn by doing. You can try all of the tools and buttons within the screen to find their functions. Why not?

And, always remember to save your digital InDesign version document.


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