What exactly did Halloween look like on each social media platform?

Halloween can be counted as one of the most popular festivals in America. You can choose different costumes to show you personalities. You can carve up and decorate your pumpkins to express your emotions. Besides, I bet you will spend some time in sending pictures and sharing moments on social media. At the same time, you will find that your different social media platforms will feed you with same topics, popular posts, stories and pictures. However, they start to change this year. Halloween looks different a little bit in different platforms in 2015.

Kurt Wagner offers several great examples about How Halloween played out on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook? how Halloween played out on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Face book.

Instagram spread out a video “that was chock full of Halloween-specific video content picked by actual human editors.”The purpose is to make sure that the best and popular Halloween content will be chosen on time and collected together in one place. In this way, you don’t have to “go hunting for it.” It also has hashtags leading users to follow general trends.

For Twitter, you can actually find where are those Halloween content from, which is different from last year. And the function of Moments let users easily find “bizarre Halloween stuff that people are interested in, like Heidi Klum’s ridiculously elaborate Jessica Rabbit costume or a giant dinosaur playing baseball in Texas.”

Unlike Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, Snapchat created its own content successfully. Its Snap Channel offered tons of ideas about the background and history of Halloween, the ideas of costume and pumpkin carving.

How about Facebook? Alright, Kurt said that Face book “did not really get into the spirit like any of the others.” It does not change any functions. It did not release any channels to share ideas. It did not offers many interesting hashtags to users. But for me, that is fine. You can enjoy your friends’ posts at least and they usually are willing to post them on Facebook because they know they will get more likes than the other platforms.

The period of Festivals will be a great chance for social media companies to gain attention, to win ads and create topics. Since the frequency of holidays is often, companies probably really need to think some fresh ways to treat users in the future.


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