Typography 101

Every designer and every communicator should better understand typography. It is an effective visual way to build the bridge. The bridge between you and your client.

So, what is typography? For the common definition, quite simply, it is the art of arranging language type. It is what language looks like. In the world of visual communication, sometimes what words look like is much more important than what those works are saying. The type of words and the art of language usually deliver more valuable information to the audiences. Many people believe that typography is all about font and even many designers believe that typography is all about type. But, typography has more. According to the blog typography daily, for the fancy definition of typography, it is the style and the appearance of typeset art.

Personal Font 

We don’t want to be boring. Sometimes the choices of font that are offered by the computer automatically can hardly achieve our goals. We want to be unique and easy to be remembered. So we need to think about our purposes. Do we want the work to be printed or be the text in digital. Serif type, which has tiny strokes is better for printing work. Sans serif type such as Arial is good for large area of words in digital. But you also have to think if you want the font to be bold, medium or normal.


After deciding the font, the type of word is another important thing that needed to be chose. For different goals and clients, you will need to think about the type categories. Do you want your work to be modern? Or old style? Or lovely? For different kinds of work, you need different type of words.


Again, we do not want to be boring. For the typefaces, we  can make them to be fat and wide, thin and narrow or use the “X-height” tool to make them be not the exactly the same. Normally, different body and size of typefaces can better earn audiences’ attention.

So typography is not all about font and type. We also need to think about comparison, scale, leading and many other details. All is for better communication.




One thought on “Typography 101

  1. Typography is such an important aspect of design! I remember taking a digital design class last year and the professor spent a whole week just discussing about how to choose the right font to go with your project. I believe typography truly represents how really paying attention to details can take a poster, an infographic, or any design piece a long way.


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