#RedCups: Design and Marketing

When you say: red cups! There will be a picture emerged in my brain showing me that Colonel Sanders is holding a Starbucks’ red cup and staring at me.

Ok, no creepy.

At the beginning of this month, Starbucks changed the color of cups into red instead of white. It is like an annual celebration. When holidays come, the “wintry themed cups” will be released.

Jordan Valinsky’ article ‘Couldn’t be happier:’ Starbucks seasonal #RedCups triggers excitement online introduces detailedly about this gingerbread latter-induced frenzy by rolling out its iconic red cups.

“There has been more than 40,000 tweets within the past day using the official hashtag #RedCups, acceding to Brandwatch, with the sentiment being 92 percent positive…” It is undeniable to say that the design of the red cups and the design of this Starbucks Red Cups plan are both counted as successful marketing methods.

The choice of red is smart. Red is usually connected with passion, Christmas, warm, love and excitement. Especially when the cup gets on the red cloth with the classical green logo, it is easy to evoke the feeling of holidays. The article mentioned that Starbucks VP of Design once explained that they want to stimulate. That is why they choice the specific red “to be poppy and bright and happy.” They did that. People like this specific red and call it “Starbucks red” and buy it and tweet it. And that is why the design of Starbucks Red Cups still ignite the same excitement year after year.


Color design is essential to a brand. Not only the color of logos but also the way of using colors for the marketing. Successful examples include “Tiffany Blue” “Jo Malone Black” and also “Starbucks Red Cups”. Color speaks. For these brands, the design of color helped them to earn audiences, attention, profit and also assistant them to be classical in order to win in the marketing world.


One thought on “#RedCups: Design and Marketing

  1. This is a trendy topic right now and I like how you got on the train to talk about your side. You also made a good point when saying that a company has to create an image for itself when it comes to the products it has. That is a good point. There is a lot of upset as well about the cup (apparently) but I like how you said that red is passionate, you’re right! That is a good point. You had a great point of view.


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