When color is not color.

When color is not color, what does it mean?

Well, I mean sometimes color is not just color. It means more. Imagine that the logo of Starbucks is not green but pink or the color of the M for McDonalds is not yellow but blue, what do you think? Something goes wrong. They just do not seem right without the right color. That is what I mean. For most of logos, color is more than just a choice of color. It adds the logo identity. It adds the logo story. It makes to logo talk. So, color has meaning.

Once I read an article from the Treehouse blog, I found its analysis about the functions of color as a communication tool. Besides, there is a famous Infographic online that is called color emotion guide, which demonstrates that the different colors of logo will delivery different information to the public for the company.

For example, the color of Hewlett Packard, DELL, Facebook, Twitter and Worldpress’s logos are blue. According to the analysis, the blue of logo will increase audiences trust and let them feel that the company is dependable.

Besides, a yellow logo will bring optimism to the customers and let them feel warm. Yellow is the color of the sun. It is easy to evoke customers’ feeling of clarity, passion and warmth. Many brands such as McDonalds, best, Hertz and Ikea choose yellow to be their logo’s color.

And people usually connect red with blood, energy and emergency. Therefore, the Red Cross choose a red cross in order to gain attention. Coca-Cola and Target choose a red loge because that red can also compel people to buy in some extent especially in the last minute.

Don’t you think interesting? I have never thought that color can deliver such valuable information for a company. Again, I really recommend the blog Treehouse blog for more descriptions about colors. Beside the colors that I mentioned, there are many other colors have different meanings such as green means growth, white is simple, black is elegant and purple is the color of imagination and romance…

Color has meaning. True.


One thought on “When color is not color.

  1. The idea that color in a logo has more meaning than just a simple color is a very interesting topic. We live in a world filled with a great variety of brands. If those brands lacked color, they would definitely not be as memorable. I actually wrote a similar blog post talking about colors and the theory of how different colors can influence the human brain. I feel like the strength of incorporating the right colors into design is heavily overlooked and should receive more attention.


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